RAHUL-Rethinking India

By Abhishek Mishra 

Some say he is a dynastical scion, some say he has invoked silencer to keep him out of the hype and hoopla, others say his career started in 2004 and still we are waiting?? And few more say what has he done, till his age of 42? A lot of us have even made comparisons, mostly negative ones. I have a retrospective one to highlight. Read. Ponder.

rahul gandhi

Analysts, Columnists and Leaders have equated that many Leaders at Rahul’s age have shown flattering results like that of John F Kennedy. Kennedy won as the youngest President in the history of United States. President John F. Kennedy is the descendant of the Prominent Kennedy family, at times referred as “Americas’s Royal Famiy”.  The Iconic status was extensive for their opulence, glamor and dominance at public service. Kennedy started his career in 1947, When India got independent. He served as a Democrat of Boston for 6 years and the Senate from 1953 to 1961. Nearly, about 13 years of his political career with an eloquent background, He was elevated to the position at the age of 43 to run the country. During World War-II in 1960, Kennedy was elected as the President. He marginally won against the Republican Richard Nixon.  Kennedy had learnt from the mistakes committed by him and grew on his political experience. No doubt, He was an iconic leader.

On the other hand, in present scenario many assume, Rahul Gandhi comes with a patriarchal background which gives him a platform of self -sustained position in the Congress party. The party created by Heroes of India, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi to name a few. On the contrary, Rahul opted by working his way up with his own good pace by structuring and strengthening the underpinnings of India and the party for last 9 years and wait until he was elected as the Vice-President at Jaipur in January’2013. In a rare and emotional submission then Rahul committed “The Congress Party is now my life. The people of India are my life, and I will fight for the people of India and for this party. I will fight with everything I have.”

Rahul started his political career in 2004, and contested from Amethi, winning by a margin of over 1 Lakh votes. Rahul became the general secretary of the All India Congress Committee in September 2007. He was also appointed as the in-charge of the Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India in the same year. In 2009 Lok Sabha elections, He retained his Amethi seat by winning with a margin of whooping 3.33 Lakh votes.

It is sardonic to see iconic figures are compared on the achievements in relation with age and hailing from dynastical background at a different era of period. There is vast gap of difference in stint, scenario and issue faced by each nation. India in 1947 had just succumbed out the slavery and trying to get back to its feet. The never ending miseries and agony for years and years was paying back to the country. With a very convoluted political scenario, Nehru and other eminent political leaders of Congress gave the best Prime Ministerial candidates of that time. This was the family at that very time of scarcity which India faced pre and post-Independence, stood holding the country together, endlessly getting victimized in the tremor of the Indian agitation against the British Raj and grown and served one –third of their lives in Jail as punishment. Public’s broader perspective along with India’s progress should be to connect with Gandhians who in every generation served loyally to the country. Time and again, sadly in every generation they had established their capability by cultivating through their blood but still called by the name of Monarchial Party of Congress.

Post assassination of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi was reluctant to move forward and was intimidated with the pressure that was laid ahead of him. He too at that age never forecasted of such a situation to be casted upon but he reinstated all the citizens of nation that his mother’s, brother’s and family’s sacrifice would not go in vain and India was still in safest hands fiercely progressing through empowerment.

Rahul Gandhi never had the luxury to live a normal life given his high-profile background. Post his father, Rajiv Gandhi assassination, Rahul was raised under constant threat from various elements inimical to Gandhi family and that could have muted his evolution as a more courageous and opinionated person but then he was one of those with in-born abilities to grow despite all the impediments.

Rahul in the present picture, nearly 10 years of his career have marvelously worked ahead to serve India, untainted with the remarks of the analyst, opposition, critics and certain section of Aam Aadami as “His action speaks better than his words”.

The nation today is baffling and want to be told and project their every step of self-achieved  goals instead of introspection and imbibe culinary process of the broth, which if healthy and satisfying in totality. Rahul’s comments on the national or a local issue is pertained more important than his practical approach addressing the situations.

Nations ongoing speculation is to crown Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India, which according to him was piece of cake and could have relished in the age of 25. But he didn’t and casted aside all the fancies for the sake of being a team player and the leader of masses of the real India. Some recite that his vision for UP in 2009 went in shambles, I and my interactions with thousands of people say, knowing Congress’s position at UP, Rahul stormed up despite of its austere probability. Rahul’s conviction crafted with the Congress revival in Uttar Pradesh where they won 21 out of the total 80 Lok Sabha seats. Rahul on good performance of Congress in 2009 said “It was a referendum on politics of unification and politics of division.” Rahul addressed 125 rallies across the country in six weeks. The Congress defied all the poll predictions and exit polls and romped home in parliament with a bigger majority. He outshined as a star campaigner.

I have attended Rahul Gandhi’s election rallies in Uttar Pradesh and across North India, I have seen and felt the traction he creates and the magnetism he has amongst youth. They like his spiel of being a different and realistic kind of politician, of not sounding power famished and trying to understand them. Under Rahul, IYC and NSUI has seen a meteoric increase in members from 2 Lakh to 25 Lakhs.

As a future leader of the party Rahul Gandhi has imbibed being proactive and positive in the right sense. Rahul has seen criticism more than appreciation. He knows the right and the wrong. During 2012 election’s when Congress had a dismal performance; Rahul took ownership of the defeat and took it in stride. He said “I expect to have victories along the way and I expect to have defeats…I take it in my stride. I think, it is a very good lesson for me. I think it will make me think in detailed ways which I like to do.” The forte of Rahul and his pursuit for transformation in politics is palpable from the datum that he under no circumstances makes any statement for political gains. He has good intentions and deep sincerity, and till now his character is irreproachable.

Though we have been witnessing good economic growth and all round development to some extent, India still needs to go a very long way and we need many more reforms. The present UPA government is doing well despite the political compulsions and the Congress Party is reaching to the common man with campaigns like “Congress Aapke Dwar”.

Now is the time to period our policies to compete with the global forces, we have embraced liberalization holding an upper hand in key areas of public prominence and it has led India to a new path. Establishing Food Security, Effective MNERGA, Robust FDI and the chain impact is the new tangent we are on.

I believe, Nothing can be questioned and answer the proficiency of achievements of two powerful individuals at different era of period. Without accepting the exception routine of performance of work one cannot untwine the block which is created by various elements prevalent in our country.

Tony Blair commented on his personality and style of leadership, he rated “Rahul as the most talented and insightful of the younger generation of politicians worldwide” and quoted “He (Rahul Gandhi) has got a first class mind and great commitment to India. And you know he is one of those politicians that can take a step back and look at, what I call the big picture, and he’s definitely someone who does that.

I stalwartly believe that the people of this country are very fervent to look up at Rahul Gandhi in giving this country a new horizon.


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