Quit Trying to Rewrite History, Mr. Modi

So advises Pankaj Vohra in the Hindustan Times .He goes on to urge Modi to try and remember and learn from other eminent Indian leaders from Gujarat too.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi seems to have developed the habit of creating unnecessary controversies about our national leaders. He is neither known for his sense of history nor his scholarship. But he still tried to run down India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, by praising another stalwart Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Both Nehru and Patel have a place in history and neither needs certificates from anyone, least of all Modi. The country remembers them for their immense contributions and their names will forever be etched in golden letters.

Modi said that if Patel were made the Prime Minister of India (instead of Nehru), the country would not have witnessed the terrorism it is facing today in Jammu and Kashmir. Speculation does not alter history and we have to accept reality as it is. It is like saying if aunty had a moustache she would have been uncle. Or, in his context, if he had not usurped the position of chief ministership in late 2001 by pressuring BJP president Jana Krishnamurthy and others, there would have been no Gujarat riots and he would have still had his valid US visa.

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