Rahul Gandhi chats up JNU

On late Tuesday evening of September 29′ 2009 Rahul Gandhi, quietly entered the Jhelum student mess at JNU.

Courtesy : The Times of India

NEW DELHI: Seeking to silence his critics who question his visits to the houses of Dalits in
Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said people had wholeheartedly welcomed him.

“When I go to their houses they welcome and cuddle me and say you are the first politician who has come to meet us,” Gandhi said referring to his visits to Dalit houses.

He also wondered why his visit to the houses of the poor is criticised.

Participating in an interactive session with students of Jawaharlal Nehru University here, he said “If one politician goes to a Dalit’s house, you ask why do you go to a Dalit’s house. When thousands of leaders do not visit Dalit houses, you do not ask them why do they not go.”

“I go to a poor man’s house. It is the media which say it is a Dalit or an Adivasi’s house”.

To queries about hierarchal system in politics, including of his lineage, the young Congress leader said “the hierarchal system exists. It is a reality. But, what is the option before me?

“I can either propagate the system or change it. I am not the one to propagate it so I am trying to change it. You do not like the system, even I do not like it. We have to work together to change it,” he said.

A small section of students also reportedly raised some protests during the interactive session. One of the girls, reportedly waved a black cloth to express her disagreement.

However, NSUI office bearers said the function was a big success and that there was no protest.

Meanwhile, on questions regarding people living below poverty line and his party’s commitment to ‘aam admi’, he underlined the need for sustained economic growth for the implementation of schemes and measures for the uplift of the poor.

“Money does not grow on tree. Without growth where the money is going to come from? In order to have money you have to grow economy,” he said while maintaining that the country has been recording a growth of 9 per cent.

To a query about rampant corruption, he said corruption happens when you have a system which is not transparent. He mentioned RTI, unique identification project and political mobilisation and democratisation of the system as significant steps taken by the UPA government to check the malpractice.

He said the implementation of Sachchar committee report is a commitment of UPA, but evaded a direct reply when asked why all communities, including Muslims, cannot be given reservation in proportion to their population.


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